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Our All Natural Dog Treats

  • Beef Puppy Crack ®

    Crackers your dog will beg for! With real beef liver and gentle spices in every bite, your dog will rave about the quality of Puppy Crack ®. Our rescue dogs love them and some actually stand at the cookie jar asking for more. Personally, we try every batch and so do Mabel and Bosco, our Beef Puppy Crack inspector pups!

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  • Chicken Puppy Crack ®

    Our original dog treat that we started baking about 15 years ago in our small kitchen in North Carolina. Packed with REAL, yummy chicken liver that every dog loves, this flavor also has a nice golden color from the spice turmeric, added for its digestive powers. What dog doesn't like a treat full of liver! Your dog will thank you for being such a great dog parent

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