About Puppy Crack

Puppy Crack ® originated with Wendy and Daniel Dorchester. Through our love and nutritional concern for their dogs, we became interested in all natural treats. From our home, we perfected a recipe for Puppy Crack using REAL ingredients such as: fresh beef liver, chicken liver, eggs, oats, gentle spices, and other wholesome ingredients.
We wanted to make a dog cookie without preservatives and human grade in quality. We also felt that shapes and sizes were just to please people; heck, dogs don’t care.  We wanted a treat we could give our Great Danes that would add to their healthy diet.  
We started working with a local rescue in Charleston, SC and realized that we wanted to give back through making the treats for the dogs that lived there. This blossomed into making the treats for fundraisers to help dogs with surgery and other health concerns.  Here, we met two more rescuers, Jan and Brian Lambert, who adopted Mabel and Bosco, also Great Danes, and, as fate would have it, just happened to own a local bakery. Together, we started Rescue Me Dog Bakery and brought Puppy Crack out of the kitchen so we are able to share it with you and your furry friends.

With its shape comparable to a thin cracker, Puppy Crack ® is perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and is taking the Southeastern United States by storm.

Our Purpose…With a common love for ALL DOGS, our mission is to aid rescues in need of help. Puppy Crack ® helps pay for routine vet visits, neutering and spaying and more serious procedures. With your purchase, you can help an abused or neglected animal become whole again and ready to be adopted into a loving home. Your purchase will make a difference!

Every purchase of Puppy Crack helps support rescues and the neglected dogs they bring back to health!